About Us

Learn about our history and work

Our Vision

  • To remain Botswana’s leading privately owned Petroleum Company.

Our Mission

  • To promote professionalism, accountability and responsibility towards our clients and suppliers.
  • Adherence and compliance with Botswana Government policies and to import fuel products directly from South Africa, Namibia & Mozambique.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Environment
  • Community Commitment
  • Team Work


Kwa Nokeng started their operations from humble beginnings in the village of Machaneng, Botswana in 1968 under the guidance of avid entrepreneur, CPJ van Vuuren.


From 1968 to 2005 Kwa Nokeng’s core business and focus was retail operations. The group’s current managing director, Clinton van Vuuren, steered the company’s direction towards commercial fuels and oil as a wholesale supplier.  The first commercial fuel depot was erected in 2006, streaming one million litres of fuel per annum and today Kwa Nokeng has 5 commercial fuel depots, streaming in excess of 90 million litres of fuel annually.


We are Botswana’s leading privately owned Petroleum Company and employ over 250 Batswana, some of whom joined our Kwa Nokeng family as far back as 1970.  We are all about service, accountability and getting product to your doorstep on time, every time and are at our customers’ disposal 24/7.