Gaborone Tlokweng / Kopfontein



  • Kwa Nokeng Oil is Botswana’s leading privately owned Petroleum Company and have been doing business in Botswana since 1968.
  • We employ 250 Batswana, some of whom joined our Kwa Nokeng family in 1970.
  • We operate like no other petroleum company in Botswana, and we are at our customers’ disposal 24/7.
  • Kwa Nokeng Oil owns and operates a series of commercial fuel depots in Botswana.

Keeping your fuel clean:

  • Each depot is also equipped with water traps in the unlikely event water finds its way into our system
  • Each of our depots are equipped with a Donaldson Filter bank that ensures you get clean fuel at all times

Our team:


Our Financial manager is Gopal Reddy and he must be cc’d in all mails
Cell: +267 72644838

Site Office

Our manager here is SP van Rensburg
Cell:        +267 72322669


  • Our depot is located in Tlokweng Industrial which is the first industrial development you will find coming from Kopfontein
  • S24 40’28.77 E25 59’31.32
Operating Hours

  • This depot never closes and is open 24/7

  • This depot is equipped with 6 x high volume Prowalco pumps, filling 6 trucks at a time
  • We have a storage capacity of 164 000L at this site
  • We have accounts in South Africa and Botswana for your convenience.

Account details:

Tlokweng SA Account:

Account Name: Cariboo (Pty) Ltd
Bank: FNB South Africa
Branch: 250 655
Account No: 627 040 30105

Tlokweng Botswana Account

Account Name: Cariboo (Pty) Ltd
Bank: FNB Botswana
Branch: 282267
Account No: 625 760 77 947
Swift Code: FIRNBWGX

Procedure to obtain fuel

  1. E-mail your order to the relevant depot, your order must contain the following:
    • Orders must be made out to Cariboo (Pty) Ltd
    • Your company name
    • Your truck registration number
    • Your driver’s name
    • The amount of fuel you require
    • Attach your proof of payment with the order
  2. Our team have been instructed to acknowledge receipt of your order by mail. This way you know that we have received your order and delays will be kept to a minimum when your truck arrives on site
  3. Your driver must report to the depot and supply his company / truck details to the attendant who will collect the order from the office
  4. Once the fuel has been dispensed will the driver be required to sign the invoice
  5. All of your orders must be mailed to and of course this goes for proof of payments as well.

  • It is very important that you put your company name as payment reference when you do payments to us.
  • The balance of an order is not transferable to another truck. You will have to issue a fresh order for this.
  • We do not fill up lose containers or drums, unless specifically requested to do so on the order.