We are leaders in the management of fuel and stock control,  storing 2 million litres in our facilities. Kwa Nokeng also manages  fuel facilities that we established for our commercial clients on their sites. The fuel we manage on behalf of our clients is on a consignment basis.

KNO customer service excellence is demonstrated by our ability to understand our customers’ needs, including the migration to cleaner fuels.  It is for this reason that we are one of the first oil companies in Botswana to migrate to low sulphur 50 ppm diesel.


KNO has built and operates depots across Botswana with a combined throughput of 100 million litres per annum. These are state of the art facilities and our knowledge of design and operating such facilities can transplanted to support any operations including large scale mining. Kwa Nokeng Oil supplies product to the BCL and Discovery Metals Limited mines, as well as Botswana Railways. We were also the exclusive lubricant suppliers in 2014 to the Central Transport Organisation.