FUCHS RENOLIN HO oils are zinc free, mineral hydraulic oils blended from carefully selected virgin base oils in combination with selected ashless anti-wear, anti-rust, anti- oxidant and anti-foam additives.



  • All types of hydraulic systems including gear, piston and vane type pumps.
  • May also be used in circulatory systems and for machine tool lubrication.
  • May NOT be used for turbine lubrication.



  • Filter clogging, a frequent problem in hydraulic systems, is overcome as a result of the superior water separation and filterability qualities combined with the specialised additive package.
  • Designed to cope with arduous conditions in industry with efficient operation over a wide temperature range.
  • Anti-wear additives prevent excessive wear particularly inside pumps and motors, meaning less maintenance.
  • Anti-oxidant additives ensures long oil life.
  • Anti-foam additive assists in minimising foam formation in the oil tank and consequently pressure loss.