High quality, multi-use EP greases


Description Advantages/Benefits

RENOLIT EP 1 and RENOLIT EP 2 greases are multi-purpose lubricants suitable for use in high pressure greasing equipment. Their pumpability ensures regular and easy flow through the fine bore pipes used in automatic systems. RENOLIT EP 2 may be used as a general industrial and automotive lubricant. It can be used for product rationalisation for many applications. RENOLIT EP 2 Complies with British Timken Recommendations 2891


  • RENOLIT EP GREASES are lead-free
  • Five grades available in the range allowing selection of the appropriate grade for the equipment in use
  • RENOLIT EP GREASES contain extreme pressure additives to allow use in heavy load conditions
  • Formulated to contain anti-rust additives to protect against corrosion
• Anti-oxidants included to prolong product life


RENOLIT EP 0 grease will provide for an efficient
level of pumpability in small bore systems, which NOTE means that even when the point of application is
remote from the motive source there will be no
significant pressure differential to overcome. This
factor is critical when selecting the correct lubricant to
be supplied via conventional and modern automatic lubrication systems.

RENOLIT EP 00 is a semi-fluid grease also recommended for automatic greasing units and as an alternative to industrial gear oils to prevent leakage.

RENOLIT EP 000 is a semi-fluid grease recommended for the lubrication of commercial vehicles and plant served by automatic greasing units. It may also be recommended as an alternative to industrial gear oils in enclosed gearboxes where high leakage rates are experienced.



RENOLIT EP GREASES are high specification, general purpose greases suitable for many industrial and automotive applications.

RENOLIT EP GREASES are available in five NLGI consistencies 000, 00, 0,1 and 2. The structure of the products is based upon a conventional lithium metallic soap, which will ensure compatibility with other lithium greases of a similar nature. RENOLIT EP GREASES contain extreme pressure, anti-rust and anti-oxidation additives.